Create new beautiful eye brows with microblading, powdered brows, or combo brows. 

Restore a youthful and plump appearance to pale and tired lips with a lip blush.

Scalp Micropigmentation adds density and thickness to men and women's hairlines. 

Create a new nipple and areola post mastectomy 

Learn how to create brand new brows with microshading and microblading classes.


My name is Emily Hedrick and I was born and raised here in Tampa Bay. I didn't always know that permanent makeup would be my path and I started microblading on the side while finishing college. Once I perfected these skills, I found out that I have a true passion for permanent makeup. Creating beautiful new brows, lips, and hairlines comes naturally to me and I don't enjoy anything more than restoring confidence in my clients. 

I've recently embarked on a new adventure of sharing these skills and knowledge with others. Teaching is something I've always loved and originally studied in college. Being able to combine my new and old passions has allowed me to be bursting with gratitude with every new client that comes through my door. I am never too busy to answer any questions you may have and to walk you through all the processes of the treatments I provide. 


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fresh lip blush

lip blush will fade 50-70 percent