Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo that replicates the natural hair stokes of the brow. The process uses tiny hair-like incisions and top quality pigments to create brand new brows in the shape and density you desire. This new technique is a welcomed change from the traditional permanent makeup tattoo. This procedure includes both the initial and the follow up appointments. 

ombre brows.

Also known as shading or powdered brows, ombre brows are typically done with a machine to fill in a new brow shape with more density than microblading. The finished look is intended to make the client look as if they have make up or powder on their brows. 

Combo brows.

Combo brows are a combination of both microblading and powdered brows. This type of procedure is beneficial for clients that want to blend the microblade seemlessly with their natural brows, or they prefer the natural look, but want a little more structure to certain areas of the brow. 


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