lip blush.

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what is a lip blush?

Lip blushing is a cosmetic tattoo that adds a blush of natural color to pale lips. Bringing color to the edge of your lips will give them a plump and youthful look. A lip blush tattoo is different from a traditional lipstick tattoo because it is not as dense. it resembles more of a lip stain, rather than a solid lip stick look.

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what is the cost and maintenance?

A lip blush costs $550 and includes a second session 6-8 weeks later. Immediately after the appointment, you will be given aftercare to follow to ensure that your lips heal properly. You will need to follow these instructions after each appointment with me. 

After a few years your lips will fade and you will need a touch up. Lip blush touch ups are $250 every 2-3 years. 


what are bubble lips?

Bubble lips are a form of lip blushing. We purposefully focus on making the vermillion border the densest part of the lips, then gently lightening the pigment toward the middle. The results create the illusion of fuller lips without filler. This is the modern lip liner tattoo.


Does it hurt?

Lips are the most sensitive of all the permanent makeup procedures. Some clients experience discomfort while doing the first pass of color. After that, the second anesthetic can really penetrate the skin and make you very comfortable. 

Does it fade like brows?

Yes! Lip blushing fades a lot more than brows, anywhere from 50-70%. It is incredibly bold the same day but will heal and peel to reveal a soft stain of color. You'll want it to be dark the same day, so don't be scared by the intense color. My rule of thumb is if you love it the same day, you'll be disappointed by how much it lightens. 

Can I have lip filler?

Absolutely! Lip filler actually makes my job easier because your lips will be smooth and taunt. 

What if I get cold sores?

No problem at all. You'll need to take your anti-virals for 5 days before and 5 days after to prevent an outbreak. You will have to do this again for your touch up. 

Can you overline the lips so it looks fuller?

Absolutely not and this is non-negotiable. Different types of skin will take pigment differently. There is a huge difference between lip tissue and the skin on your face, meaning the two will heal in completely different colors. The lips would heal in a nice bright pink and you could be left with a neon border... so this is a no no!

How long does it last?

The lip blushing lasts 2-3 years. 

What is the healing like?

At first the lips will be very dark and possibly swollen or bruised. They will remain dark for a day or two then start to peel by day 3. All of the peeling is typically gone by day 5. Once fully peeled, they will be very light. Over the next few weeks the color will reemerge and blossom. Then you will come back for a touch up at 4-6 weeks and we will correct any spots that didn't heal properly.