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Microblading Training Class

Finally a great, personalized, and affordable microblading training class! I offer either one on one or small group training to give you the best class possible to fit your needs. If you are in the tampa bay area looking to start microblading then you're in the right place.

Microblading does NOT require a skin care license, so anyone can start microblading in just a few weeks!

There is licensing required though, as microblading falls under the tattoo laws in florida, so you must register as a tattoo artist.

Lets start with the one on one training class. One on one classes are for students looking to begin taking clients as soon as possible. They are intense and fast paced to make sure we get as much knowledge in as quickly as possible to get you up and running. We spend as much, or as little, time as you need on each subject whether you need a little more help with hair stoke patterns or if the mapping is tripping you up. It's completely up to you! Together we create a training program that also works for your schedule. Choose consecutive days or break up the days so that this is convenient for you. The added bonus to one on one classes is that I'll teach you machine 101 so you'll be able to do a basic powdered brow after class!

If you'd prefer a group setting, I also offer small group microblading training that seats no more than five students at a time. These classes are set over two consecutive days and send you home with 5 days worth of assignments, fake skins, and a test to complete before your practical (live model) which we will book after class. You will not learn to use the machine in the group course but you will learn manual shading with the same hand tool you use to microblade. Keep in mind some students need more time to practice and prepare for taking clients... never expect to attend a two day class and come out a master microblader. It takes time and dedication to build the skills taught in class, I will give you all the knowledge and encouragement you need but it is up to YOU to work for it.

Both classes will cover the same topics:

-cross contamination and health department expectations

-proper candidates for microblading

-handling different skin types

-brow shapes

-brow mapping and symmetry

-preparing for the procedure (pigment choice, needle choice, tray set up)

-hair stroke patterns


-the full procedure


My training course also provides you with a kit!

Kit includes:

-microblading handles


-shading pins

-numbing creams

-6 pigments

-wax crayons

-surgical markers


-ink cups and pigment rings

-practice pigments (so you don't waste the good stuff)

-dummy head

-fake skins


If you have further questions, please contact Emily directly at 727-563-4289 or visit

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