If you've been looking to expand your beauty business and be a part of the fastest growing permanent makeup service, then learn to microblade! Whether you'd like to have this skill as an add on service or if you're brand new to the industry looking to start a new career, taking a microblading class may be right for you. There is no skin care license required so you can start microblading in just a few weeks! 

two on one 

Two-on-one training is the smallest and most individualized class offered. The dynamic between two students and an instructor really allows for a flow of conversation and discussion, more so than a one-on-one class. Because the two-on-one class is so small, I will also teach the basics of machine ombre brows. You will be able to use 5 well known permanent makeup/tattoo machines ranging from $200 to $900 and choose which style suits you best. I do not include a machine in the course as I believe every artist should choose their own machine. 


April 25th, 26th, 27th


cross contamination safety 

health department regulations

skin conditions and contraindications

choosing the right clients

microblading different skin types

brow shapes

mapping (predraw)

tools, needles and set up

hair stroke patterns

microshading and ombre brows

full procedure steps

proper aftercare 

**Please note, mapping is an ESSENTIAL part of doing a brow procedure. You must know how to create symmetrical brows for your client. It doesn't matter how gorgeous the stroke pattern or ombre brow, if it's uneven, you've failed. Please choose a class that extensively covers mapping**

small group

Small group training will never be more than 5 people. This ensures that every student has ample individual attention. Small group classes are perfect for groups of friends that want to learn the skills or for people that are looking for a more affordable class. In your group class, you will learn how to do microblading and manual shading with your microblading handle (not machine). This is also referred to as soft tap or stick and poke. A well rounded artist should know how to do microblading AND shading or ombre brows. Group classes are scheduled and locked for those specific dates. The $500 deposit must be submitted two weeks prior to class to avoid the two hundred dollar price increase. 


March 28th, 29th, 30th

what is included?

The two-on-one and small group class both include the same kit. 

reusable microblading handles

50 microblades (various sizes)

50 shading pins (various sizes)

12 fake skins

6 pigments

2 different numbing creams

practice pigment 

2 sharpie wax crayons

preinked string

6 brow stencils 

mapping caliper

dummy head with mapping tape

surgical markers

brow razors

pigment rings

ink cups

mascara wants


manual with worksheets

tote bag

*machine not included for ombre class*

I try to include everything that you need for the actual procedure. You will need to get cleaning supplies and mics. like gloves, q-tips, gauze, etc. 


do i need to be an esthetician? 

That's the best part about microblading, there is no skin care license required! So no, you do not need to be an esthetician or a cosmetologist. However, you do need to get your tattoo artist license which takes about a week to process. All microblading and permanent makeup fall under the tattoo laws in florida, so you must follow these guidelines. 

how do i get my tattoo artist license?

You need to fill out the tattoo artist application on the Florida Department of Health website and take the three hour cross contamination course online (boring but easy). After those are done, send the application and the certificate of completion to the health department and your license will take about a week to process. You do not need your license for the seminar portion of class but YOU DO NEED the license for your practical. You CANNOT legally cut skin without it! Beware of classes that tell you otherwise. 

Can i legally microblade after class?

Almost! The Florida health department requires that all tattooing happens in a registered tattoo establishment. Therefore you need to get a tattoo establishment license and a biomedical waste producer license. If you already work in a spa, salon, or tattoo studio that does permanent makeup then you won't need to worry about getting these licenses. However, if you are starting from scratch, I will give you a full list of supplies you need per the Health Department to get these licenses asap. Once you've obtained the supplies, the Health Department will inspect your work space and grant you a Tattoo Establishment License, then you're ready for clients!

how long is the course?

You will have a three day intensive in-class seminar teaching you all the skills you need to know about microblading and microshading. Then, you will complete several modules and homework assignments to apply the knowledge from class and prepare you for your practical. This allows you to learn and grow on your schedule the week after class. Once you've completed all homework, modules and practice skins, then you will perform the procedure on a live model and the certification is complete. You have two weeks to complete your assignments, fake skins and model. Going forward, you will always be able to reach out to me for continued support or feel free to schedule another model with me until you are completely ready to take clients solo.  

Why is it so expensive?

Typically a Microblading 101 class costs around 2,500-3,500$ and only teaches classic microblading. In this class, you will learn microblading AND microshading or ombre brows. The pigments, numbing creams and other supplies cost around 600-700$ to supply in the kits. Also, consider the cost of renting space to host the classes and compensation for the instructor's time. This is the absolute lowest price to give students the best training possible, please understand and respect that this price is non-negotiable. Moreover, the price will increase three hundred dollars within two weeks of class to be able to rush order your supplies and rent a space last minute. To avoid this increase in price you must get your deposit in early! 

is there a payment plan?

There is currently no payment plan. You will be billed through a square account so you are able to pay with credit card. I do require a 500$ deposit at least two weeks ahead of time to book your seat in class. Full payment is due the day before class begins. 

How do i sign up?

To sign up and make your $500 deposit, please contact Emily at 727-563-4289 or email at emilyhedrickpmu@gmail.com. She must make sure you fully understand the licensing process and have a business plan in mind. Once she approves you, you will be sent the deposit invoice for your class. You have 24 hours to complete payment before the spot opens again. 

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